Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Real Cedarford Obeys My Command

He's so predictable with his reaction at AoS.

Funny. BTW, "Seedy" isn't me.

Of course it is Seedy.

The really amusing thing is that ACE and his Zionist cocksucking cohorts fail to speak to truth.

1. Criticism of any Muslim country, any European country, China, etc. is freely allowed, even America. But ACE and company believe it is taboo to criticize one country - Israel.

a. Even though Israel's policies in defiance of the Geneva Convention and UN Resolutions that the US signed onto have embroiled the ME and cost American lives.

b. Even though Israel maintains the 3rd largest military and industrial network in America next to Russia and China. And has passed on those secrets to China and the Soviet Union.

c. Even though Israel is regarded as so untrustworthy after repeated illegal, covert sales of US weapons system technology to China that they are not permitted - unlike 20 other nations - anywhere near the Joint Strike Fighter Project or US satellite intel anymore.

d. Even though Israel has managed to get 185-205 times more US taxpayer dollars in foreign aid for it's citizens per capita over the years than any other nation. And somehow gain an exemption for only powerful Jewish -American lobbyists to not have to register as foreign lobbyists as they bribe our politicians with millions to get billions.

e. Even though Israel only grants Jews the right of citizenship and practices a form of discrimination against Christians and Muslims reminescent of Jim Crow.

f. Even though Israel has a whole Ministry devoted to negotiating, suing for, and managing monetary Reparations from Europeans and many American companies for war losses suffered by Jews - they have yet to pay a shekel to the Palestinians whose homes and lands they grabbed after 1948.

g. Even though Israel is a global center of credit fraud, drug trafficking, drug money laundering, safe haven for other country's financial scammers (as long as they are Jewish).

h. Even though Israel - described as our "best ally" is absolutely useless as a economic, diplomatic, strategic, even military asset. No nation, not even the UK or Australia - will work with us in a conflict where Israel participates. The relationship is one-way.

2. I speak the truth. Examples? Yes, Zionist money bribes & corrupts Congress. At 2% of the population, Jews are a negligable democraphic mostly concentrated in solid Blue States. The votes are irrelevant. It's the money and control of certain American industries that is the power Zionist supporters exert. Yes, they hit us up for 3 billion in Gulf War "reparations" for Scud damages. Yes, they are asking the US to pay to enrich Settlers we opposed in the 1st place almost 1/2 million dollars each.


ACE, Jack M, DigitalBrownAsshole, Howard Devore, SpewFan, Lauraw, etc...It's high time to grow a pair and spit the Zionist cock out of your mouths.

Posted by: Cedarford on July 13, 2005 04:07 PM
Seedy has such a dirty little mouth on him. Must be from all that cock sucking.


Anonymous HowardDevore said...

Yes but Cedarford is sucking big fat Muslims cocks.

It's not gay unless its a Joooish cock, donchaknow.

10:18 AM  

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